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Maths, No more fear/tears. A must read…

July 2, 2010 1 comment

It is not uncommon to hear people confirm their fear and possibly loathing of maths with statements like “Mimi na hesabu hatuendani kabisa…” which would be ok in some instances but does indicate a true shortcoming of an education system, but again, why is it that, we only readily admit to lack of knowhow of maths while not other subjects?. Not to lay blame to a system, this book explores and explains mathematical concepts to real world applications looking at a history and in most cases the future of mathematics. 


short video from author

The Various reviews of this book has highly recommended this as a must read for all students embarking on secondary education. I would extend this recommendation to educators and parents/guardians as well since it will bridge the knowledge gap immensely for everyone.


Any one with contacts of Novel Idea (Tanzania), please check with them for availability within Tanzania, not sure if other bookstores will stock this but do spread the word, maybe we will crack this maths fear once and for all.

All the best…