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Cost of Education

Hi All,

In a post at Issa Michuzi blog earlier this week I made a request to gather information pertaining to education costs in Tanzania as follows

Naomba “Msaada Tutani” kuhusu subject hii uniwekee kwenye blogu ya jamii.
Ningependa kufahamu gharama za elimu Tanzania, kidato cha kwanza hadi cha sita. na pia elimu ya juu (college/University)
Gharama hizi zinaweza kuorodheshwa kama

1). School/Tuition fees.
2). School Development Contributions/Au contributions zozote mzazi anatakiwa kuchangia shule.
3). Boarding Fees.
4). Books and stationary.
5). Living expenses/Pocket Money.
6). Transport Costs (per week/per month/Annual).
7). Examiniation costs (Mock exams/ Final exams).
8). Gharama zozote zingine zinazohusishwa kwenye elimu.

Ninachojaribu ni kupata hii breakdown ili kunisaidia na kuwasaidia wazazi kujua majukumu ya elimu na gharama zake.
Ikiwezekana, anayetoa comment aandike jina la shule (private/government). Course anayo/aliyochukua. Costs zingine ambazo sio specific kwa shule, naomba aambatanishe ni mji gani costs hizi zinatozwa.

Natanguliza shukrani zangu kwa wote.

Mdau Kotin karwak.


I thought, I should make headway in establishing a repository for this information as a blog system, and if it warrants a more formal format, will investigate further other platforms for such a site.

Will like to clarify that this is meant as a generalised repository for information to guide parents and future parents on deciding how spending for education is managed.

Several comments have already been entered on Issa Michuzi’s site and appreciate the contributors there. Please proceed to add your comments here.

PS. It appears that this blog system requires an e-mail address to be entered when entering a comment, would encourage you to do so (privacy acknowledged), but if you don’t want to, please just enter kk@wordpress.com as a default e-mail address.

Thank You


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